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Student Testimonials

“She expects great craftsmanship and originality.  She kindles these ideas in her classroom with thought-provoking discussions and a willingness to learn new mediums and skills alongside her students.  She has little tolerance for apathy or excuses, which students learn quickly and rise to the challenge.   Despite working in costumes, stage make-up and puppetry for many years, her hunger to learn never falters. 

            Alisa is an ever revolving and evolving swiss-army knife of skills and talents.  I recently served as her apprentice for a puppet show, in which she acted as playwright, artistic designer, and puppet builder.  She manages to become the glue of whatever team she is involved with.  She dreams big, but her enthusiasm and honest skill inspire her peers and students to be better.  Working collaboratively with her, I’ve seen the closest thing to magic that can be achieved.”

Arianna Kendra '17

“During my years at Arcadia, she has taught me how to focus  my aesthetic and talk clearly about my work. She is patient, kind, and firm with her students which encourages and challenges them to reach their greatest potential. 

Under her tutelage, I had the opportunity to work on productions as a designer and builder for the department as well as professionally. As my mentor, Alisa has had the greatest impact on my scholastic achievement. Because of the skills and pride Alisa had instilled in me, I am able to speak passionately and clearly about my work. 

Alisa is not only a superb instructor, but is an awe-inspiring maker.”

Samia Merritt '15

"Alisa Kleckner has single-handedly created the most valuable space to learn and grow on Arcadia University's campus.  Often I find the opportunities she creates to be more plentiful, varied, and enriching than the rest of my curriculum.

This proud woman artist and small business owner works every day to build her success and to set up her students for the same.  I feel the confidence and skills I need to build my career, in any discipline, stem from experiences with her. She cares deeply about every project and person in her charge so that they get her full, careful attention, ideas, and critiques. Given the chance, Alisa will make magic on and off your stage.

I wish I could spend the rest of my days working with her."

Tessa Paige '18

Professional Endorsements

“Alisa is an outstanding classroom instructor.  Her student evaluations are always exceptional and the work she is able to produce for our shows given our limited budgets and space are nothing short of miraculous. ”

Mark Wade, Director of Theatre Arts program; Arcadia University

"Over the past five years I have had the pleasure of working with Alisa as a colleague, student and professor. We share students who are engaged in both visual arts and theater classes, and have had the great opportunity of being enrolled in each other's courses. This unique vantage point has allowed me to see Alisa at her very best, as she flows effortlessly between learning and teaching, student and mentor. The best teachers are the ones that understand that the educational process is 360 degrees."

Karen Misher, Associate Professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department; Arcadia University

“Alisa is an exceptional mask maker and costume/prop designer.  Her original and detailed creativity, her collaborative relationship with directors and her dedication to students’ development make her the number one choice in the matter. ”

Francine Roussel, Director, Actor, Professor; Muhlenberg College


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